Here I will list some things

Like a calendar


At some point this calendar will show the correct date.
Or a monitor


This image plants a seed to technical knowledge.
How about a globe?


Now users know that I can take a big picture approach to issues.
And finally, people


Ironically, this image gives people the impression that I am not just some uncaring, faceless name.

Below are some free stock photos!

Magnifying glass!

I'm very detail oriented. And if the details get fuzzy, I don't hesitate to roll up my sleeves and get out my magnifying glass to look at sketches of mountains.

Stock ticker!

I know my way around money too. Capital investments and diversifying and so on.

More About Us

I think the most important site parts are in place now. Site title. Site logo. It has a very cool menu at the top. Where content is concerned, some might say the glass is half-empty, but I think most would say it's almost entirely empty.